Turning the legal age of 18


18 years ago to this day blah d blah formed in a little box room at home. Over the years blah has gone through a lot of changes and 18 years on we're based in a beautiful church in North Wales, and we're happy to say that blah continues to grow.

Over the years we have had many compliments regarding the company name and people always ask us where the name came from. It actually came from Billy Connolly. When Neil Rylance, Managing Director, set up the business one of the tasks ahead was to come up with a unique name that people would remember. He had a list of 100 names and not one of them inspired him.........but Billy did, while watching him live at the Hammersmith Odeon his routine included the phrase Blah-d-Blah plus the usual expletives. It stuck.

Neil used it as a temporary name whilst writing up his business plan, and it continued to grow on him. After a little Market Research and a very mixed reaction, the more mature of the market (Mum and Dad) thought that it was awful and commented, “ you can’t call a company that”, so decided that was that (he had never listened to them in the past so why start now).

The team celebrated with a beach BBQ, with lots of food and drink. We were a bit overwhelmed with the size of our delicious birthday cake; needless to say we didn’t eat for a few days after. We would like to send a massive thank you to all clients, suppliers, friends, and supporters and of course staff, both past and present.